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Top 50 Ways for Stewie to Takeover the World

1. Hold Bill Clinton for Ransom
2. Threaten to disable all television satelites
3. Become Bill Gates
4. One word: Spam
5. Create a genetically-altered super army
6. Hide underneath a blanket and hope, that some how, everything works out
7. Start a cult
8. Kill Kathy Lee Gifford (it can't hurt)
9. Become a whitehouse intern
10. Build a robot/machine to do it for him
11. Invent a time machine
12. Launch a chain of strip clubs
13. Make a deal with aliens from another galaxy
14. Build his own world...if you build it, they will come
15. Invent a new flavor for jelly beans that is irresistable
16. Open a can of whoop-ass
17. Buy-out Starbucks and change the franchise in brainwashing locations
18. Sell home brainwash kits
19. Legalize marijuana
20. Change the drinking age back to 18
21. End world suffering as we know it, then begin anew
22. Kill the creators of the most hated television show: Full House
23. Become the next Greenspan
24. Earn enough money until you can buy-out 51% of the world
25. Instead of just tellin him mom to go to hell, send everyone there!
26. Create a cartoon series and call it South Park
27. Obtain super-human powers
28. Kill all of the lawyers in the world
29. Claim that he's an American-Indian and open a casino
30. Consult Brian for advice
31. Invent a 32nd flavor of ice cream for Baskin Robbins
32. Go back in time to invent viagra
33. Become a Dark Jedi and "Crush those Rebel scum"
34. Keep Kosovo captive and let Bill decide...
35. Damn You!
36. Alter his ferbie to give out subliminal signals for him to take over the world
37. Battle it out with Pinky & The Brain and/or Dogbert
38. Marry the queen of England
39. Throw a tantrum until world domination is given to him
40. Clone himself repeatedly until he out-numbers the current population
41. Create and use giant, mutant vegetables to his advantage
42. Blast Backstreet Boys, N'sync, and Hanson music until everyone's (who is in a 400 mile radius) head explodes
43. Leave dirty diapers all over town until people die from the smell
44. Open a theme park called Stewie Land
45. Cure the common cold
46. Buy-out Disney
47. Become a pro-wrestler, run for governor of Minnesota, then on to become President
48. Start a radio show that is more controversial than Howard Stern
49. Bring Seinfeld back
50. 10-10-STEWIE Save long distance

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