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Family Guy Episode Guide

Piolet Episode
Peter loses his job and is forced to resort to recieving welfare. All the while, Stewie is trying to take over the world using a mind-control device. Unfortunately for him, his mother is continually interfering. Apparently, Peter discovers that when he recieves his welfare check, that it is much more than he had expected. In fact, the check had a an extra couple of "0"s at the end of it. So, Peter indulges his family with his newfound wealth.
After some advice from Brian, Peter decides that it would be best to get rid of the money that he didn't deserve. Peter decides that during the SuperBowl, he will drop the money from a blimp. After being caught by the poilice, he is sent to jail, has his trial, and eventually released.
I Never Met The Dead Man
While Peter is teaching Meg to drive, Peter crashes into a satellite dish and knocks out all of Quahong's cable television. Peter ends up having "TV withdrawl" and is on the virge of going insane. So, Lois urges him to start spending more time with his family.
After spending a day with his family, Peter can't get enough of it. Moments later, cable television is restored. The entire family is excited except for Peter who would rather go out. In comes William Shatner. He and Peter end up going to a Bavarian Folk Festival together.
Meanwhile, Stewie is waging a war against broccoli. He creates a weather control device to rid the world of broccoli by making it freezing cold. He set his device to freezing rain. At the same time, William Shatner and Peter are on their back from the festival when it starts to rain. So, the two take their shoes off to run around in the rain barefoot. Andm alos at the exact same time, Lois takes Meg out on the road for a driving lesson. Unfortunately, due to the weather, Meg ends up hitting her father and William Shatner with the car, killing Mr. Shatner. As for Peter, while laying in a hospital, in a full-body cast, there is nothing for him to do but watch television. So, he resorts to his old ways.
Chitty Chitty Death Bang
It is Stewie's first birthday, and the family is preparing for his party. After being given a check from Lois, for Cheesie Charlie's, Peter accidently revokes his reservation and is left without a party for his son, Stewie. After giving the bad news to his wife, Peter quickly tells her that he has already hired entertainment to come to the house for Stewie's birthday party.
Meanwhile, Stewie thinks that this celebration is just a means to have him put back in the womb. He sees the docter that delivered him as the professional that his parents hired to put him back in the womb. So, he tries to hire a band a mercenaries from overseas to help him fight in combat. But, when he goes to the airport to book a flight, the people there assume that he just a lost child and think of him as a "run-away." It is then that Stewie realizes that it is up to him to face his fear one-on-one.
At the same time, Meg, being despirate for friends, ends up becoming friends with a cult member and is invited to a party/cult meeting. While there, Peter comes to bring her back home for Stewie's party and is followed by the cult leader. While the family is preparing the birthday cake, the cult leader enters the house, only to be greeted by Stewie. Stewie mistakes the sult leader as the evil doctor who gave him birth. So, Stewie ends up killing the cult leader to prevent his return to his mother's womb.
Mind Over Murder
The episode begins with Stewie complaining about the pain of teething. At the same time, Peter is on a fishing boat with his friends, drinking beer. When he returns home, Lois complains about how little Peter does around the house. So, Peter is forced to drive his son, Chris to his soccer game. While there, he sees a friend (who happens to have beer), and decides to "down a few" with his friend. While drinking beer and watching Chris play soccer, he ends up getting into a fight with a mother and punches her in the face (thinking that he was a man due to her gruff exterior).
After punching the woman in the face, Peter is put under house arrest. While confined to his house, Peter realizes that his friends have better things to do than sit at Peter's house all day. Peter then realizes that if he builds a bar in his basement, his friends will want to hangout with him while he is under house arrest. His bar becomes an instant success with Peter's friends, but not with his wife.
At the same time, Stewie is still upset about the pain that he is going through, so he makes plans to create a time machine that will speed up the teething process. Later, Peter sees that Stewie is in pain and gives him a small taste of his whiskey. Needless to say, it instantly makes Stewie feel better.
After a relaxing bath, Lois goes down to the basement to talk with her husband and realizes that Stewie is drunk. While down there, Peter coaxes her into playing the piano and singer as entertainment for the crowd. Lois turns out to be spectacular and the bar crowd absolutely loves her. Unfortuneatley for Peter, he becomes jealous of his wife's instant success/popularity. Peter's friend begin to oggle his wife's sexy singing, so Peter resorts to telling all of his friend's wives to drag them out of his basement.
On the same night, Lois comes across Stewie's blueprints for a time machine. Thinking that it was just a simple and loving drawing made for her, she proudly shows it to the crowd. Stewie is furious, and runs away cursing at everyone. Moments later, a crowd of wives enter the bar demanding that their husbands leave with them. Seeing how the party is going downhill, one of Peter's friends begins to leave, but accidently starts a fire by tossing a cigarrette into the trash.
The fire begins to become unbearable and Lois and Peter end up trapped in the basement. At the same time, Stewie is regretting ever making the blueprints for a time machine, so he decides to reverse time, and go back in time before he ever made the time machine. By reversing time, he not only puts an end to his inventions, but also saves his parents' lives.
A Hero Sits Next Door
A handicapped police officer named Joe moves next door to Peter and his family. Stewie is fascinated by this man in a wheelchair (assuming that this half man, half machine person is suppior). Lois becomes good friends with the man's wife, Debbie. All the while, Meg is attracted to the neighbor's son, Kyle.
Peter ends up bringing Joe to his company baseball game. Joe winds up winning the game for the team and gains instant popularity with Peter's friends, family, and co-workers. Jealous of all the attention Joe was recieving, Peter wants to be popular as well. So, Peter creates a plan to gain respect from his peers by foiling a bank robbery.
When Peter arrives at the bank to save the hostages, he realizes that it is out of his control. The police arrive, and Joe ends up negociating with the bank robbers to give themselves in. Joe is once again seen as a hero, and Peter is still just Peter, but his family loves him anyway.
The Son Also Draws
Chris hates being in the Youth Scouts, but doesn't know how to tell his father that he wants to quit to pursue a hobby of drawing. Meanwhile, Peter takes his family on a roadtrip and end up getting lost. While trying to figure out where they are, Peter realizes that he REALLY has to go to the bathrrom. So he pulls into the nearest turnoff which leads to an Indian Casino. While Peter relieves himself, Lois discovers the joy of gambling. She loves it so much, that she ends up betting the family car, and losing. So, it is up to Peter to get the car back.
Peter comes up with the idea of telling the owners of the Casino, that he too, is a Native American. To prove himself, the Indians tell Peter that he must go onto a Vision Quest. This is a journey into the wilderness without food, water, or shoes and he cannot return until he talks with the wildernesss and a guiding spirit is revealed to him which he hears a great, personal truth from. Seeing an opportunity to tell his father about his problem, Chris decides to go along with his father on his quest.
While in the middle of the woods, Peter starts to hallucinate and begins to communicate with wilderness. Then, an image of the Fonze appears, and tells PEter that his son truly needs to talk with him about a problem that he is having. Following the Fonze's advice, Peter consults his son and Chris is allowed to quit the Scouts.
Peter returns to the Casino and tells the Indians of his experience. Although shocked, the Indians reluctantly give up the keys to the Griffin's car.
Brian: Portrait of a Dog
Peter persuades Brian to swallow his pride and enter a dog show to win some extra cash. But when they argue over a trick gone bad, Brian decides he's had enough of being a second-class citizen. His struggle to assert his civil rights lands him on death row at the pound, where he discovers every dog has his day.

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