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I Never Met The Dead Man

1. What is one of Peter's favorite television shows?

A. The Mod Squad
B. Star Trek
C. Beverly Hills 90210
D. Happy Days

2. What state does the show take place in?

A. Connecticut
B. Springfeld
C. Rhode Island
D. New York

3. What was the name of the reality show that was airing on FOX?

A. When Animals Attack
B. Fast Animals, Slow Children
C. Large Animals, Small Children
D. Fast Tigers, Fat kids

4. Who did Peter blame the car crash on?

A. Lois
B. Stewie
C. Meg
D. Brian

5. Who told Chris, in a chatroom, that someone had knocked out the cable?

A. Split69
B. Four Way Sally
C. Bill Gates
D. DoMe22

6. What high school does Meg attend?

A. Highland High School
B. West Beverly
C. Rhode Island High
D. James Woods Regional High School

7. What PBS program was Meg's class scheduled to watch?

A. The Mating Rituals of the PlayBoy Bunnies
B. The Mating Rituals of the Nude, dark skinned Wewak tribe of Africa
C. The Mating Rituals of the Nude, large-breasted Wewak tribe of New Guinea
D. The Mating Rituals of the dark skinned, large-breasted Wewak tribe of India

8. According to Peter, who watches television in jail, all day long

A. Rosie O'Donnell
B. Mike Tyson
C. Son of Sam
D. Charles Manson

9. What was the name of Chris' invisable friend who went crazy?

A. Captain Crunch
B. Sgt. Slinky
C. Colonel Schvantz
D. Major Milky

10. Who accompanies Peter to the Bavarian Folk Festival?

A. Lenard Nemoy
B. Ray Jay Johnson
C. William Shatner
D. Stewie

1:B 2:C 3:B 4:C 5:D 6:D 7:C 8:D 9:C 10:C

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