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Chitty Chitty Death Bang

1. Where does Lois want to have Stewie's birthday party?

A. Corny Carl's
B. Smelly Sarah's
C. Cheesie Charlie's
D. Burnt Bobbie's

2. What king of training did Peter need to be a Jet?

A. Two years of jazz and seven years of tap
B. Four years of moon-walking Two years of break dancing
C. Seven years of ballet and two years of tap
D. Ten years of ballet

3. What was the name of Meg's new friend?

A. Gina
B. Angela
C. Jennifer
D. Rebecca

4. Whose bus broke down in fron of the Griffin's house?

A. The Beatles
B. Insync
C. The Village People
D. Hanson

5. What magazine does Stewie use to his advantage?

A. Soldier of Fortune
B. Dukes of Hazzard
C. Special OPs
D. Navy Seals Weekly

6. What magazine was Brian reading?

A. Group Fun
B. Doggy StyleBR>
C. Sexy Poodles
D. Small dogs, Big fun

7. What is Stewie's middle name?

A. Chester
B. Peter
C. Gilligan
D. Burt

8. Which of the following was NOT put into the punch at the cult meeting?

A. Arsenic
B. Rat poison
C. Cyanide
D. Weed killer

9. What image is on Stewie's birthday cake?

A. A naked man
B. An explicit sex scene
C. A large ass
D. Al Roker with Hersey Kiss nipples

10. Who was the cult leader mistaken for?

A. Al Roker
B. The Man in White
C. Jesus
D. Casper the friendly ghost

1:C 2:C 3:C 4:D 5:A 6:B 7:C 8:D 9:A 10:B

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