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08-24-'99 Some good news and some bad news. GOOD NEWS first. Stewie's Domain is eventually gonna get a new layout. The BAD NEWS, I'm losing my internet this month. THE GOOD NEWS, I'm not going back to school this year. Because I'm sixteen, I took the opportunity to drop out for many reasons. Not just the fact that I'm this sixteen-year-old girl with a lot of problems at school, but also school is like prison for me and I look forward to weekends and Friday's because well, nobody can bug me!!! ^_^ But BAD NEWS, I have to see a Psychologist every Friday and get personal schooling or something. I'll still be learning, but at home. Hmm... MORE BAD NEWS, can there really be more bad news? Yes there can. I'm addicted to SOUTH PARK. (Again). I had an addiction to it when it first came out but now it's gotten worse, the addiction left when Family Guy, and Futurama came on but my addiction has gotten worse. I've already completed a South Park sequel, it's 90 pages I might post it here one day for those of you who also like SOUTH PARK, Stewie's Domain will also have a link to my SOUTH PARK site which I will be doing when I get my internet back. The site will be called MAD ABOUT SOUTH PARK. The GOOD news. I made this update. The BAD NEWS, you can't email me at starra@total.net anymore. So while I don't have the internet, please don't e-mail me 'cause it takes so long to answer everyone's mail. And I might not have that e-mail address anymore when I DO get my connection back. ^_^ --Tammy.

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